Shot teen in critical condition

Shooting victim Keyshawn Isaiah Joseph, 18, is listed in a critical condition with doctors at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope telling his relatives that his chance at recovery is slim.

He was shot near his home in Lower Santa Cruz on Saturday and underwent emergency surgery yesterday. According to sources, the teen’s condition deteriorated shortly after the surgery and up to press time, doctors were still trying to stabilise him at the facility’s Intensive Care Unit.

Newsday understands that at about 1.30 pm, Joseph was liming near his home in Carmona Lane when he was approached by two assailants and shot several times. The gunmen ran off. Joseph’s relatives were alerted by the gunfire and upon investigating discovered him motionless on the ground. He was rushed to the EWMSC in a relative’s vehicle.

A motive for the shooting is yet to be established and no arrest has been made. Officers of the North Eastern Division are continuing investigations.


"Shot teen in critical condition"

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