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Thursday 22 March 2018
Letters to the Editor

Road March

THE EDITOR: Now that Gypsy has strongly endorsed “Massive” Gosine’s thinly veiled obscenity in his chutney song as “double entendre,” it must be a strong contender for Road March glory.

Just imagine thousands of revellers on Jouvert morning parading throughout Trinidad (not Tobago), and singing the song at the top of their lungs. Of course, as is customary, they will change a few words. So “Rowley’s mudder” will become Gosine’s or Gypsy’s or Sat’s, and the effect will be electric.

Gosine will become the “Carnival Monarch” and make millions of dollars. The song will revitalise Dimanche Gras and spread worldwide to all the carnival fiestas in the Americas and Europe. It might even win a Grammy.

TT will become the song capital of the World and all its financial problems will be solved because of the exciting new brand of lyrics; even if the Pope does not approve of them. So all those who are demanding that it be banned, pack your bags and get ready to flee to Britain for amnesty.

Victor Duncan, Diego Martin


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