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Thursday 22 March 2018
Letters to the Editor

Choose right person

THE EDITOR: I have heard several comments on whether we should have a male or female as the President of TT. While I understand that people will have their preferences for various reasons, I believe that we need someone who is qualified to carry out the job with excellence. In my opinion every president should be able bring balance to the country when controversial issues arise. Standing up for what is right without fear or favour, the President must be a mediator with the ability to offer sound advice.

It does not matter to me whether it is a female or a male. In TT, we have citizens of both genders who are fully competent to do the job. This is a blessing. Please allow me to brag a bit, for our women have risen to the challenge and, without a shadow of a doubt, have proven themselves in all fields. You name the field and you will find women among the leading professionals in their discipline.

The presidency is no exception.

So the way I see it, presidency is not about gender but being able to carry the mantle with efficiency and doing an excellent job, making all citizens proud by improving their life while in office. I trust all our leaders to make the best decision knowing the important role that person must play. As a citizen I anxiously await the appointing of our new president. May God bless our Nation.

Arnold Gopeesingh, San Juan


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