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Saturday 23 June 2018
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Abdulah endorses Weekes for President

Movement for Social Justice political leader David Abdulah at a press conference yesterday at the party’s San Fernando office.


In endorsing her nomination for President, Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader David Abdulah yesterday said one of Paula Mae Weekes’ first task as Head of State, may be to swear-in a new Chief Justice.

Abdulah, at a press conference at the party’s St Joseph office in San Fernando, commended government on its choice of retired High Court judge Weekes for the 2018/2023 presidential term. He expressed the wish that Weekes’ nomination would receive support from the Opposition and Independent senators.

However, Abdulah said the new President may very well have to swear-in a new Chief Justice as major allegations continue to dog the incumbent, Ivor Archie. “Allegations against the current Chief Justice have eroded public confidence in the judiciary and the administration of justice,” Abdulah said, adding that the President can appoint a new Chief Justice, following consultation with the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader.

The MSJ leader also called on government to move with despatch to appoint a Commissioner of Police saying it would have a positive impact on the Police Service which can deal head on with the crime situation with a substantive leader. He also called on government to resolve, “once and for all”, the air and sea bridge, saying the current situation is unacceptable.

Government’s continued failure to deal with this, Abdulah said, has been to the detriment of Tobagonians. Abdulah said the Keith Rowley-led government has not demonstrated any plan to transform the economy. “Our economy is adrift, seemingly waiting for a tide of rising oil and gas prices and production to get it moving again,” Abdulah said.

The MSJ, he added, is of the very strong view that based on the total absence of leadership and vision offered by political parties, the population cannot look to them to make the right decision that will result in a better life for all. The MSJ executive together with their activists council will be meeting on January 11, to plan towards the party participating in the 2020 General Election.


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