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Sunday 18 March 2018

Weekes in Dubai

Justice Paula Mae Weekes. FILE PHOTO

Paula Mae Weekes is now in Dubai and is scheduled to return home on Tuesday night, a relative told Newsday yesterday. The relative declined to comment on the proposed nomination, saying, “I’m not in that at all, if you know me.”

Otherwise, she spends time as a visiting judge of the Appeal Court of Turks and Caicos Islands but, yesterday, sources in that country’s law registry confirmed that those courts are not now in session and she was not there. Weekes, a past student of Bishop Anstey High School in Port of Spain, has managed the finances of the Anglican Church as chancellor.

Church head Bishop Claude Berkeley warmly welcomed Weekes’ nomination. “She is a most worthy nomination, a very good choice. She has competencies to bring balance and strength to the job.”

He described Weekes as a very ardent church member.

“She is the Sunday school superintendent at All Saints Parish (in Port of Spain.)” Berkeley said she has helped the church prepare for its mission.

This included holding workshops with former prisons commissioner John Rougier on restorative justice, helping youngsters and assisting the church to understand its role in society. “She brings both a common touch and the higher demands of academia.

“I’m very happy with this nomination, and church members are excited. We’ll keep her in our prayers and support for what could be a very demanding and difficult job.”


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