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Thursday 22 March 2018
Letters to the Editor

Problems with our utilities

THE EDITOR: I direct my concerns to those in authority at the following utilities and I hope that some relief would be forthcoming to the people of my area of Indian Walk, Moruga Road.

T&TEC: For the past two weeks we have been experiencing regular, brief outages which are very disconcerting and indeed inconvenient, especially around this time of year.

TSTT: My internet service is very unreliable despite the promise made in the media to upgrade services. Because of that unreliability many users have switched to other providers. I have been a long and loyal customer and I do not wish to follow suit, unless of course I am saddled with the same poor services. TTPost: Mail is delivered in an erratic manner to the extent that payments to utilities are remitted late.

WASA: Three weeks ago repair work was done for the seventh time and the area is still unpaved. And to compound the situation, the area is around a bend. Can some care and concern be shown to alleviate our stress?



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