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Saturday 24 March 2018
Crime and Court

Doctor charged for baby’s death

Dr Ronald Budhooram and his attorney Subhas Panday on July 14 after his release from police custody. Police last night reported Dr Budhooram has been charged with manslaughter in the death of a baby boy in July.

Dr Ronald Budhooram has been charged with the unlawful killing of a newborn baby boy, six months after the child's body was found in a freezer at his office in San Fernando.

Police announced the manslaughter charge against Budhooram, 60, in the death of baby Khmeron Jorai in a statement via Twitter on Wednesday night.

Baby Khmeron died on July 1 but his body was discovered in the freezer at Budhooram's office in Cocoyea Village on July 10, police report.

The baby's mother Cindy Gail Sooknanan, 22, of Fyzabad had made a report to police about the circumstances of her delivery.

Budhooram, who has been in practice for 35 years, was detained for 72 hours when police first began the investigation but was released on July 14 when attorneys filed a writ against the police in the high court.


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Crime and Court