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Thursday 18 January 2018

Potts calls for boxing curriculum

Boxu Potts

Chairman of the World Boxing Council of the Central America and Caribbean Region, Boxu Potts, is calling on the Government and the Trinidad and Tobago Boxing Board of Control to develop the sport by using a boxing curriculum.

Potts, in a press conference at Alicia’s Palace, St Ann’s yesterday, said more needs to be done to develop boxing at the youth level in TT. “We need to have more social programmes, more community programmes; we need to have educational programmes through the schools so the children of the nation can benefit,” Potts said.

Potts explained he was given a mandate by WBC president Mauricio Sulaimán to assist in the development of the nurseries and prepare and propose a curriculum.

Potts has met with several boxing stakeholders around the world, inclusive of the Mayweather Camp and conducted extensive research. Through his research, he was able to achieve and complete a boxing curriculum which comprises healthy lifestyle practices, boxing skills, achieving fitness and endurance, safety practices, responsible behaviour and boxing as a profession. Potts wants the boxing curriculum to be installed in schools around the world through the various Ministries of Education.


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