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Thursday 22 March 2018

138 arrests in anti-crime exercises

Forty persons were charged for narcotic related offences and 1.212 kilos of narcotics recovered in Tobago from November 5 to last Friday. During this time, 138 persons were arrested and charged for various offenses during this period and 222 warrants issued.

So reported Senior Superintendent Joann Archie at the first police media briefing in Tobago held at the Scarborough Police Station last Friday.

Archie also reported that the Tobago Division of the TT Police Service began intensifying its anti-crime activity throughout the island since September in readiness for Christmas.

“Each station district, on a weekly basis, has several anti-crime initiatives, several driving under the influence (DUI) exercises, several roadblocks, all in an effort to ensure that Tobago remains safe.

“When we look at our statistics, we had a challenge in 2016 for the month of November as it related to robberies. In November 2016, we had 19 reports of robberies, 50 percent of those robberies were detected and persons appeared before the court and some given custodial sentences. Some of those matters are still pending.

“For November 2017, we have had six reports of robberies, so we are seeing some evidence of our efforts,” she said.

Archie said police officers have been getting the co-operation from members of the public.

“ I want to take this opportunity to publicly commend the residents and villagers of Bloody Bay who assisted in the apprehension of three men on November 26, who were subsequently charged for kidnapping and sexual offenses against a minor. I have personally called them and commended them for assisting the police in crime fighting efforts,” she said.


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