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Thursday 14 December 2017

JMMB CEO urges investment in homes

JMMB managing director and CEO Nigel Romano appealed to the country’s real estate agents to help people to save for their first home. Speaking at the 2017 Real Estate Awards at Government Campus Plaza in Port-of-Spain on Monday night, Romano said, “Real estate agents have an obligation to educate the younger ones, to help them to save for their first house.

“My father rented all his life.”

Romano recalled seeing the landlord “coming around every month with his brown paper bag and collecting the rent.” Romano said this continued for 20 years. “I vowed to myself that would never happen to me,” he told the audience. Romano disclosed, “I owned my own house when I was 24 years old in 1980.”

He told real estate agents to advise their clients about the importance of saving and financial planning for their first home “especially in this environment.”

While there is economic pain in TT, Romano said there is also opportunity and real estate agents must seize those opportunities to help their clients.

Among the winners at the awards were Republic Bank, Stuart Spiers Real Estate Services and Tucker Real Estate for bank of the year, most commercial sales and most residential sales respectively.


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