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Thursday 22 March 2018
Crime and Court

First Citizens: stolen Piarco money meant for Tobago branch


The Airports Authority of TT (AATT) says an investigation has been launched into a robbery earlier today at the cargo compound of Piarco International Airport (Piarco).

"AATT wishes to confirm that there was an incident of armed robbery at one of the cargo facilities at (Piarco), on the Golden Grove Road, at 11.25 am."

AATT also said the police service has launched an investigation into the incident and that it (AATT) "is working with the police service to esnure that our airport estates remain safe and secure."

Piarco International Airport. PHOTO BY SUREASH CHOLAI.

Meanwhile, First Citizens confirmed that the $5 million stolen earlier today from the cargo area of Piarco Airport belongs to the bank.

Responding to Newsday's questions a short while ago, First Citizens said it had been advised by its security services provider of the robbery of "a shipment of cash en route to Tobago.

"The robbery is said to have taken place just at the time that custody of the cash was being transferred to Caribbean Airlines (CAL) security personnel for shipment to the Tobago branches of First Citizens, in the presence of Airports Authority security personnel," First Citizens said.

More details to follow.


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Crime and Court