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Thursday 22 March 2018
Letters to the Editor

Queries on fee for CAL

THE EDITOR: Open letter to Caribbean Airlines on its $50 change of ticket fee.

While citizens understand that the current fare structure remains subsidised and your current fare should be in the vicinity of $650-$700, the air bridge continues to be critical in the link between our two islands, and travel between them is at times as necessary and important as commuters between San Fernando, Port of Spain and Arima.

This will continue to be so as long as the capital city and most professional services and facilities remains in Trinidad. The subsidy must continue, which is similar to the bus service and the water taxi which also provide transportation at a more reasonable cost than the alternatives.

I also wonder how this will impact on local staycation tourism.

I have a few questions.

If a passenger’s flight is delayed and as such they will now miss their appointment and decides it no longer makes sense travelling, do they have to pay the change fee?

A passenger is on their way to the airport, however a road protest causes a massive delay, resulting in the passenger reaching the airport late, do they have to pay the change fee?

Heavy rains wreak havoc on the roadways, backing up traffic for kilometres and the passenger reaches for the flight late, they have to pay the change fee?

Looking forward to these very important answers.

SEAN J DE MILLS, Port of Spain


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