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Thursday 22 February 2018
Letters to the Editor

CAL change fee not good enough

THE EDITOR: Why did it take Caribbean Airlines (CAL) so long to implement a basic system of a fee for changing a booking date and time for the Trinidad-Tobago air bridge? This is a common practice across the world for almost all airlines. I am glad that good sense has prevailed despite being late.

But guess what? Many people will still make bookings, change them, pay the $50 and still block up the seats. We need to come up with a stronger deterrent to this practice. People cannot continue to monopolise the air bridge.

Often, some people make large bookings for busy periods and then cancel at the last minute, leaving the flight to run without its full load while many people desirous of a booking cannot get one. It’s grossly unfair.

It is time all stakeholders come together to end this practice otherwise we will be going nowhere.

IAN RAMDHANIE via e-mail


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