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Thursday 22 February 2018
Letters to the Editor

CAL $50 fee unfair

THE EDITOR: It is distressing to learn about Caribbean Airlines Ltd’s (CAL) decision to impose a $50 fee on domestic passengers who change their flight and/or travel date.

What would CAL do when someone turns up with a confirmed ticket and the flight is overbooked or has been cancelled? This new fine is another move by the Government to extract money from people who are already overburdened with taxes. Whether it is a Cabinet decision or CAL Board or Minister of Finance edict, it is unfair and not in keeping with keeping Tobago within the unity state of TT. This fee could lead to another call for Tobago’s independence.

When would this Government get serious about true and proper governance? This new fee could hurt Tobago’s tourism thrust and development.

I see this so-called fee as a tax that allows the Government to go full speed ahead with the Manzanilla highway. And we can expect similar taxes being imposed as the Finance Minister looks to find ways to balance his 2018 Budget.

I call on the Government to abandon this tax immediately.



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