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Thursday 22 February 2018
Letters to the Editor

Intelligent life in TT?

THE EDITOR: TT has to be a nation adrift. After a half century of independence, some citizens are showing that they are not capable of running anything but their mouths.

The late “Father of the Nation” Dr Eric Williams admonished: “Bacchanal cannot be the foundation of an orderly society.” However, some citizens, including political leaders and public officials, have not taken heed.

Everything is bacchanal. Every day is a bacchanal. Like this place is really bacchanal country.

One of the places where bacchanal thrives is on the airwaves, which has become a place of dotish talk, foolish talk, political talk, corruption talk and rising racial talk, under the guise of freedom of expression. Sometimes I wonder if intelligent life exists on radio or in TT.

Nary a day passes without some bacchanal. One does not have to look too far for bacchanal. Check out the newspapers, the Parliament Channel, the radio and television stations. Lord, put a hand.



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