Cop admits helping Vicky escape for love

CAPTURED: Fugitive Vicky Boodram was found in Penal on Thursday evening.
CAPTURED: Fugitive Vicky Boodram was found in Penal on Thursday evening.

A police constable detained in connection with the escape of remand prisoner Vicky Boodram confessed yesterday to the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) that he hatched a plan to allow Boodram to escape because he was in love with her.

The constable said he and Boodram carefully planned the escape which included falsifying a court document, planning where she would spend the night after leaving prison and her next move – changing her appearance and identity to escape recapture. The officer gave a statement after the PSB confronted him with information that he was seen leaving with Boodram in his Nissan Almera car on Monday afternoon. The constable said he knew Boodram before she was arrested and was intrigued by her physical appearance and smile.

Sources said he began visiting her when she was incarcerated and wrote letters to her. It remained unclear how he was able to discuss the escape plans with her, but investigators believe she may have had access to a cellphone.

The policeman’s cellphone which was seized during his arrest on Wednesday, was being examined yesterday. On Wednesday, an MTS security guard interviewed for several hours by the PSB, said he saw a police constable arrive at Tunapuna court on Monday afternoon with Boodram seated in the back of a dark blue Suzuki Vitara (PDM 3335), at 6 pm, which proceeded to the cell block area in the basement.

He was unable to verify whether Boodram was put in the holding cell, but was certain there was no one else in the basement because the court had closed at 4 pm and staff had already left for the day. The MTS officer said he saw the constable leave the cell block area in the same vehicle, without Boodram, heading in the direction of the Tunapuna police station.

Colleagues of the constable reported seeing him park the Vitara at the station and added he made no entry in the station diary, but told an officer he was leaving for a short while and would be back. The MTS officer added that the constable returned to the court about five minutes later, walked to the cell block area and drove out in his Almera with the person who appeared to be the female prisoner.

The MTS guard said he knew the constable because he often saw him in the court with prisoners and could not believe he might have been involved in the “great escape.” Police also verified that someone fitting the description of the main suspect was seen with Boodram outside the Siparia Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

On Wednesday at 2 am, the policeman was detained at his Arima home and taken to PSB offices in Port of Spain. In an initial interview he said a senior officer instructed him to bring Boodram to the Tunapuna court on Monday afternoon. He said he did nothing wrong and was just following instructions.

However, on examination, the court note to that effect which had a legal stamp and signature, turned out to be bogus. Investigators discovered yesterday that it was an original court note which was altered and scanned to make it look like an authentic document. Prison officers presented with the court note did not realise it was fake and that was why Boodram was allowed to leave the prison.

Sources said after Boodram was picked up from the prison by the two police officers, the female officer was dropped off on the bus route in Arouca shortly before 6 pm.

This officer, who was detained on Tuesday, said she had no idea she was being set up by the policeman to assist in his plan to have Boodram illegally released.

The female officer is expected to be released shortly, pending further investigation.


"Cop admits helping Vicky escape for love"

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