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Monday 19 March 2018
Letters to the Editor

Know when to quit

THE EDITOR: Why do we have to get to where we are actually run out of office as leaders? The people, party, army and country had to say no to Robert Mugabe before the message registered still, he is fighting holding on to power. I believe a good leader should know when it is time to move on ; you will get the signs or is it that we enjoy being embarrassed. I do know power can also be a strong force but, we must have the determination not to allow it to go to our head and know when it is time to step down.

Life is not about leaders fulfilling their dreams but true leadership is about serving people. Well, Mugabe is still president of the country. Let us see if he will learn for what has transpired and give someone else the opportunity to lead.

Arnold Goopeesingh, San Juan


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