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Tuesday 24 April 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Where are these children going?

THE EDITOR: I am very confused about the missing young girls and women in our country. Nearly daily, you are hearing in the news or reading the daily newspapers about these missing children. Where are they going? Who has them? Are they really missing? How come nobody knows where they are but, they are coming back home. Why is no one arrested for these missing girls? What kind of interrogation is done with these girls to get information? Somebody is supposed to be held accountable for all these young missing girls .

Somebody needs to speak up because this is serious – a parent’s worst nightmare. All you hear is that these some of these young girls were found by the police and they are back home and that is it – case closed. The Ag Commissioner of Police is not speaking about it, the Children’s Authority is not saying anything, neither is the Minister of National Security. So where do we go from here?

Just suppose that there is some sort of sexual ring that is recruiting young people right under our noses. How will the nation know if the authorities are tight-lipped? Somebody needs to speak out about this situation soon.



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Letters to the Editor

Appalled by hate speech

THE EDITOR: I was appalled and scandalised at the hateful accusations levelled against citizens leading