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Thursday 18 January 2018

Decades-old bridge falls, Icacos cut off


At least 500 residents from the fishing village of Icacos are now cut off from the rest of the country after the only access bridge linking the remote village on the south-western peninsula collapsed. Frustrated residents yesterday staged an early morning protest near the broken bridge to voice their concerns.

The Icacos Seawater bridge, which was erected in the village decades ago, collapsed on Monday. Residents said the bridge was in a dilapidated state and the structure had weakened as a result of the severe flooding last month. One resident said they have been complaining to the authorities to repair the bridge, without success. Schoolchildren unable to attend classes yesterday also joined the protest in their school uniforms.

When contacted, Cedros councillor Shankar Teelucksingh told Newsday the situation is cause for concern. He said the residents had lost their patience and resorted to protest action after being cut off from the country. Teelucksingh said there was an emergency meeting on Monday between officials of the Siparia Regional Corporation after the bridge collapsed.

He said in addition, the Chief Executive Officer of the Disaster Management Unit had also visited the location last Friday and plans were being made to set up a bailey bridge as a temporary measure. Teelucksingh said engineers from the Local Government Ministry are expected to visit the site today to assess the situation.


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