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Tuesday 24 April 2018
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Letters to the Editor

A criminal’s paradise

THE EDITOR: As far as democracy and governing are concerned, it would now appear that TT has become a free for all, full of malice by those in authority with a desire to become a criminal’s paradise with the indulgence of widespread crime of all types especially among the ordinary citizens including schoolchildren.

It is not that the higher classes of citizens are not involved in crime. They also play a major role in the crime scenario but dabble mostly in corrupt practices.

Everywhere you look on this island there is turmoil and some form of corruption or criminal activity brewing. The police are not admitting it but, they are on the verge of giving up altogether and this is evident by a number of policemen jumping on the criminal bandwagon.

Our politicians take no constructive or meaningful measures to put things right and just stand by hoping the acts of criminality will just decline and go away.

The writing is on the wall for this nation to be drawn down into the gutter by the criminal indulgence of many of its citizens, with no effective justice system or proper maintenace of law and order.

This nation has become a criminal’s paradise on this side of the world.

G.A Marques via email


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Letters to the Editor

Appalled by hate speech

THE EDITOR: I was appalled and scandalised at the hateful accusations levelled against citizens leading