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Saturday 20 January 2018
Letters to the Editor

Suicide not an option

THE EDITOR: Never say to a depressed person who is considering suicide due to their challenging circumstances, “It’s not that bad.” Never say “it gets better” to the person without being able to logically show that their situation will indeed improve. Never tell the person to simply “get over it.” This is insensitive to anyone who is unable to find an answer to their problem. Never ever say that person “just needs to move on and simply forget about it.”

Depression is a serious illness caused by a number of factors. Most times, with professional help, it goes away completely. Sometimes it does not.

Some people choose self-harm as a way to feel something again. Others don’t ever see the light and choose suicide as the only means to escape their hurt and pain. Obviously, if someone is considering suicide, the pain is bad. It means they want the pain to go away and suicide is the only way they can make it stop. It means they don’t feel they can continue living. It means they can’t “get over it” as easily as some think they should.

Those who are contemplating suicide need to realise that situations do improve and therefore their problem is only temporary. Another reason why suicide should be resisted is because there are people who appreciate and care about the person in distress, people who love them.

Even if they don’t show it. People thinking about suicide are stronger and tougher than they realise. My life is an example of the fact that things do get better. Therefore I say to anyone thinking about suicide: it is not an option.



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Letters to the Editor