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Saturday 23 June 2018
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TCL’s majority shareholder unveils CEMEX Go

TCL's majority shareholder unveils CEMEX Go


CEMEX – TCL’s majority shareholder – has launched a fully digital customer integration platform known as CEMEX Go.

Explaining the purpose and function of its new service, CEMEX said, “Through the platform, customers will be able to work any time and anywhere using multiple devices.”

“With CEMEX Go, customers can review their history of transactions, track their shipments real-time via GPS, receive instant notifications of their order status, make adjustments to their orders and have full visibility and transparency of all the information they need to better manage their business,” said CEMEX CEO Fernando A Gonzalez at Monday’s launch.

“In short, with CEMEX Go, customers will be able to do in minutes what historically has taken them hours, all one click away.”

Gonzalez said the platform is the only one of its kind offered in the industry.

“CEMEX Go moves us closer to our customers by being faster, more transparent, and more efficient, which will enable greater productivity and open up new growth opportunities for our customers and for us. It places the power to succeed in today’s fast-paced and dynamic market in the hands of our customers.”

CEMEX Go will be available in select markets in Mexico and the US this November. Worldwide availability will take place in 2018.

CEMEX said it was undertaking this “sweeping digital transformation” with the support of long-time partners, IBM and NEORIS.


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