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Thursday 18 January 2018

Scam artists messaging people for bank info


Beware of text messages from people pretending to be bank staff, requesting your confidential banking and personal information.

The phishing warning comes from the Bankers Association (BATT), which said the scammers are asking customers to update their banking details “by filling out a particular form and return it to an e-mail address purportedly that of the bank. These messages are fraudulent.

BATT reminded that phishing is a type of identity theft where criminals use e-mails to try to bait people into visiting fake websites or using other methods to solicit personal information.

“Once there, you are asked to disclose confidential financial and personal information, like passwords, credit card numbers, access codes or national identification number. The most familiar type of phishing scam is an e-mail threatening consequences if you do not log in and take action immediately.”

BATT strongly advised customers not to respond to any messages such as texts, e-mails or private messages on social media. People are also advised not to open attachments or click on suspicious links from reputable institutions or unknown senders who are asking for personal or financial information.

The release stressed, “Always remember that your bank will never send you unsolicited messages asking for confidential information.


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