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Wednesday 21 March 2018
Crime and Court

DPP: Charge inspector with wasting police time

DPP Roger Gaspard

A police inspector with over 25 years service, who was being investigated by his colleagues for allegedly falsely reporting that he had lost his service firearm in a river, is expected to be charged with wasteful employment of the police.

On Wednesday, Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard SC advised ASP Ruthven Hunte, of the Police Complaints Division, and legal officer Sgt Byron Daniel to lay the charge.

The investigation was ordered by head of the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB), acting ACP Anthony Bucchan, after the inspector told South Western Division police, on May 10, that a pouch containing his 9mm pistol, magazine, 15 rounds of ammunition and his cell phone, fell into a river at Penal at about 9pm.

Sgt George and Cpl Gajadhar, who took the report, accompanied the inspector to the river and, using torch lights, searched for the pouch but nothing was found.

However it is alleged the ammunition and the magazine were found on the same day, by the inspector’s colleagues, on the floor of an office in the PSB where he is assigned. The items were given to ACP John Clarke who gave them to Bucchan.

The next day, the inspector went to work and allegedly told Bucchan about the report he made to George and Gajadhar.


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