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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Abdulah: TT lacks leadership

David Abdulah

Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader David Abdulah says TT is experiencing an absence of leadership.

Speaking at a news conference yesterday to announce the party’s bid to contest the 2020 general election, Abdulah said the representation being offered by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar left a lot to be desired.

“There is a total absence of leadership in this country. What we see with leaders from the two parliamentary parties is not a manifestation of leadership. There is no vision; no sense of hope,” he told reporters at the Transport and Industrial Workers Trade Union headquarters, Eastern Main Road, Laventille.

“There are simply attacks, one against the other. In Parliament and outside of Parliament, it is simply a matter of who is accusing the other of being the bigger thief. There is nothing about how are we going to reconstruct, rebuild broken Trinidad and Tobago.”

Abdulah said citizens were also disappointed with several recent developments of national interest.

“Many people are disappointed with what is happening at UTT (University of Trinidad and Tobago) with workers being threatened with being put on the breadline, with staff cuts, salary cuts at CDA (Chaguaramas Development Authority) and elsewhere, workers are feeling the pinch.

“Communities are suffering from the lack of infrastructure as we saw from the problems of flooding. Many people are finding it more and more difficult to make ends meet as the cost of living goes up with food prices rising.”

Abdulah said the MSJ was the country’s only alternative for governance.

“We are the only alternative with leadership that offers integrity, a track record of listening and working with the people to solve their problems.”


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