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Tuesday 20 February 2018
Letters to the Editor

Benefits from the adjustment

THE EDITOR: It is panic budget. Avoidance of the IMF and civil unrest were of prime importance.

The Government had to maintain the social net, which meant keeping URP, CEPEP and the Public Service head count.

It had to find the money to do this, which meant asking everyone to share the cost.

The additional cost will be a burden to the small income earner, so that is one who feels the pressure.

I heard the Opposition Leader’s comment that the budget was a bankrupt one.

Her PP government did all in its power to ensure bankruptcy during its last year in office. I have never seen spending of such magnitude at a time when our main forex and income earners faced dwindling prices. It seemed that it wanted to empty the Treasury before the election.

I urge the population to make the cap fit.

There are long-term benefits to gain from the required adjustment.

RL BARTOLO, Diego Martin


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