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Monday 19 February 2018
Letters to the Editor

Uphold law on fireworks

THE EDITOR: This letter is intended for all the relevant authorities. Divali is here once again and close on its heels, Christmas. Two beautiful and inspiring seasons. Along with these seasons come, however, the celebratory incendiary devices (fireworks etc). I don’t want to take away anyone’s enjoyment but I do want the authorities to not only make it clear but more so ensure that the law and rules are upheld regarding the use of these devices. For example, when and where (designated areas) these devices can be set off and during set hours, always bearing in mind other people, the abused environment, as well as tortured animals. It would be lovely to not have remnants of these devices raining down on my roof and rattling my windows. It would be really appreciated also if the authorities would respond to legitimate calls of distress and not give their usual token, bothered and empty responses.

If we show we are serious about enforcing the law, no matter how “insignificant” the breach may appear, it will be a fundamental step in changing the mindset of individuals who have grown accustomed to lawlessness and permissiveness without censure, which in turn lead to a total lack of responsibility and respect.

These determinants of perversity have already pervaded our society and I think we can mostly agree that the answer lies not in academic education which is being touted as the fixer of all ills, but more so in upholding and enforcing our laws and, of course, the overused and ever elusive, at least in TT, accountability.




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