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Saturday 18 November 2017

Jean-Marc’s passion for golf

Jean-Marc Chevrotiere was to be as famous as Tiger Woods and Stephen Ames.

Jah-Vaughn Harrison

“The best junior golfer at the Chaguaramas Golf Club.”

These are the words of professional golfer Stephen Bishop about 13-year-old Jean-Marc Chevrotiere, who managed to rack up wins in over eight golf tournaments.

His victories include two medals at the Chaguaramas Golf Club­­, the Rudder Alexander tournament in his class and the Blink Youth Golf Programme, as well as a medal at the St Andrews Golf Club in Maraval.

Jean-Marc, a form one student at Trinity College East, Trincity, was introduced to golf at age of five when his parents signed him up for a golfing clinic after seeing it advertised in a newspaper.

What does he love about golf?

“It’s not like any other sport, it teaches patience and hand-eye coordination in a different way from football or basketball.”

Jean-Marc plays with the best golfers having beaten men and women. He looks up to international stars, Irishman Rory Mcilroy and American Tiger Woods and Trinidad’s Stephen Ames who is based in Canada. Jean-Marc is currently being mentored by professional golfer Steven Bishop.

“My goal is to make it to one of the tours, whether it be PGA (professional golfing association) or European.”

So much so, he spends his spare time watching YouTube videos to learn more about golf.

Jean-Marc’s biggest supporter is his father Garth with whom he often butts heads when it comes to the sport.

“We always argue about certain plays that I make.”

Even so, Jean-Marc still turns to his father whenever he needs a confidence boost.

Usually deemed as a sport for retired old men, Jean-Marc is sometimes teased by classmates about his love of golf. But he wants people to know, especially children, that golf is a very enjoyable sport.

“There’s no greater feeling than putting the ball in the hole, or making a birdie,” he said with a huge grin. “A birdie is getting the ball into the hole with less than four shots,” he explained. When he’s not on his favourite golf courses, Jean-Marc trades in his golf clubs for a spatula as he’s known for his cooking skills at his home in Maracas, St Joseph.

Whenever his mother Gillian doesn’t have the time, he cooks for his parents and two younger brothers and sister.

He’s famous for his pancakes and mashed potatoes which his brothers say rivals that of their mother’s. Jean-Marc hopes to one day open a restaurant.

An Anglican who attends the Chapel of Ease in Maraval, Jean-Marc’s favourite subject is mathematics and he also plays tennis and football at school.

But it is golf which Jean-Marc wants people to remember him for.


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