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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Talent Expression auditions open to all

The auditions for the 16th edition of the Southern Marines Talent Expression competition have been extended to tomorrow and Sunday from 1 pm to 6 pm.

In addition, the age restrictions have been removed and the competition is now open to everyone. This decision was made at the behest of the formerly excluded demographic many of whom have been long-standing supporters of Talent Expression, which is hosted by the Southern Marines Steelband Foundation.

Talent Expression has served over the years as a launching pad for many young artistes who have gone on to win national acclaim like dancers Samantha Flores and Aaliyah Lewis, pannists Keisha Codrington, Junior Hinds and Richarde Bereaux and vocalists Megan Walrond and Mark Eastman among others.

Among those registered for this year’s competition is Caleb Hinds, winner National Action Cultural Committee Emancipation Calypso Competition 2017.


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