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Thursday 21 June 2018
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Woman, man charged for husband’s murder

MURDER ACCUSED WIFE: Sharmellia Garcia, 28, of Rio Claro. Charged with the September 27 murder of her her husband, Larry Garcia, 31.

Rio Claro mother of one Sharmellia Garcia, 28, together with a man who is also from the district, yesterday appeared before a magistrate charged with the murder last month of her husband at their home.

Garcia and Renueako Jarvis, 32, stood before Senior Magistrate Gloria Jasmath in the Rio Claro court jointly charged with the murder of Garcia’s husband Larry Garcia, 31, who was found dead on September 27, with wounds to the head and neck. His throat was slit. Larry lived with wife Sharmellia and their five-year-old son at Cardinez Street, Ecclesville.

MURDER ACCUSED: Renueako Jarvis, 32

On Friday last, the Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard, SC, gave instructions for police to charge Garcia and Jarvis with murder. PC Carlon Denoon of the Homicide Investigations Bureau (Region II) laid the charge. Jarvis, a construction labourer, lives at Beharry Street in Poole Village.

Yesterday, the magistrate did not call on the two to enter any plea because the charge was laid indictably. Attorneys Nazima Ali-Knox and Indira Binda represented Garcia and Jarvis respectively. The magistrate adjourned the case to November 6. Sgt Gadar prosecuted.


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