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Thursday 19 October 2017
Letters to the Editor

Let’s be more caring

THE EDITOR: Trinidadians are usually the first to extend a hand to other countries in need, yet sometimes we are lacking in love for our very own. Recently, I was travelling in a bus from Port of Spain to Arima. When the bus stopped in Tunapuna, a senior citizen entered, only to be told by the woman driver, who was very polite, to wait for the other bus. The flies that were following the sores on her foot entered the bus.

From time to time I come in contact with elderly passengers whose hygiene leaves a lot to be desired. We need to be a more caring society.

I wonder if the elderly have children to ensure they take a shower or brush their teeth before leaving home? Charity begins at home. If not this year, let us try to be a more caring people in 2018.



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