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Thursday 21 June 2018
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Sage Path counsellors head to Dominica

The Sage Path team of psyhcologists and counsellors are heading to Dominican to provide trauma relief.

THE Sage Path, a non-profit organisation engaged in self development programmes throughout Trinidad, will be sending a specialised team of psychologists and counsellors to Dominica.

The team is presently being prepared and trained in the areas of trauma, anxiety and stress management, human resilience mapping and in Relaxation Adaptation (RA) techniques and practices. The team is comprised of professional psychologists Shana Bhajan, Anna McCartney, Simone Da Costa, and life skills coaches Ashleigh Rambally and Daniel Young will conduct community, family and individual workshops and interventions. The goal of this group is to be prepared to respond to victims of anxiety, stress and trauma in Dominica, Trinidad as well as Guyana and neighbouring islands in the near future. While the first wave of support is responding to the basic necessities of the Dominicans, The Sage Path team hopes to be a second wave of relief catering towards their social, personal and emotional needs helping them to find a way to cope with this major life change. The group will be engaging in several fund raising activities over the next few weeks in order to facilitate this crucial initiative. Anyone wishing to be trained to assist in this specialised area and to join the team or to contribute in any way to this initiative can contact The Sage Path at (868) 343-5432 or They will soon be launching an online funding platform to which you can donate directly. You can keep up to date with the team’s plans by following them on social media and their website


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