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Monday 19 February 2018
Letters to the Editor

Math, visual arts teachers fail to show

THE EDITOR: Open letter to Lynsley Doodhai, president of TTUTA.

I shared the excitement of my granddaughter as she headed to her new secondary school. New uniforms, new books, new bag.

I also shared her disappointment when, on the second day of the new term, you took to the television to inform everyone that the school was closed due to an electrical problem.

There was no school for that week. We headed back to the school in the second week with less excitement but glad that there was school.

We are now in the third week and there has been no appearance of the math teacher or the visual arts teacher. My enthusiasm has gone as my information is that they do not attend school. A situation that has existed at that school for some time.

What does TTUTA do in cases like that? You march your teachers off for any perceived problem. Yes, you are their leader and their safety is your concern. But who is to protect our students from these heartless individuals? Imagine a core subject like mathematics and no teacher for the new intake of Form 1 students.

I listened in disbelief when I heard you asking the Minister of Finance to remember that salary negotiations for teachers start soon. Please address the absentee problem also.



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