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Thursday 18 January 2018
Letters to the Editor

CNC3, thanks for live football

THE EDITOR: In the early 70s, while attending college in San Fernando, I and others walked to Skinner Park for an intercol game.

We sat and waited and waited. The away team never showed up. Maybe the players knew what was in store for them.

Disappointed, we walked to our taxi stand at Library Corner.

As fate would have it the taxi drivers were on strike. We walked from San Fernando to Princes Town.

That did not diminish my love for the game.

Many a time we would leave the stadium in tears. Ask Sprangalang, Naps men know about losing football games.

Today our national football is “offside.” We have failed dismally to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. We are ranked 99th in the world.

Thankfully, our football standard can only get better.

The present live coverage of the SSFL by CNC3 is a step in the right direction. This exposure will only benefit TT’s football.

And all of us cannot fit in a stadium at one time.

Why is the transition from the SSFL to national duty so arduous?

Buying a football jersey and speaking loudly does not make one an expert. Our football future is in the SSFL.

Thank you, CNC3.

AV RAMPERSAD, Princes Town


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