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Saturday 23 June 2018
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Anthony, Green Days’ cast visit Carmona

President Amthony Carmona and author Michael Anthony, left, at Carmona’s office, St Ann’s where Carmona received the cast of Green Days by the River.

President Anthony Carmona received author Michael Anthony and the full cast of the film Green Days by the River on Tuesday at his office on Circular Road, St Ann’s.

The film won best TT feature and people’s choice for best feature film narrative at the trinidad + tobago film festival (ttff) last month.

Anthony, who comes from Mayaro, spoke at length of his early life in the rural district and his transformational voyage to the United Kingdom to further his career and ambitions as a writer and journalist.His seminal novel centres on fundamental motifs of change and burgeoning maturity, responsibility, friendship, love and infatuation and manhood. It encapsulates a simpler time in Mayaro, highlighting the uncertainty and ambiguity faced by a teenager who is confronted by the impending and eventual loss of his father and has to provide for his mother while also dealing with societal demands, love and marriage.

The President defined the artist as the pulse beat and conscience of a nation and described the novel as “a remarkable literary piece that has documented lived experiences of many persons from the country districts in Trinidad and Tobago,” said a media release

Anthony’s life, he said, was “a phenomenal story that needs to be written and told, from his boyhood days in Mayaro to that long and arduous journey from TT to the United Kingdom. His was a simple story with an exceptional message.”

The President is a keen patron of local and regional culture and the arts especially literature, calypso and cinema and is pleased that this classic novel had finally reached the big screen, the release said.

He presented Anthony with a copy of the late history enthusiast Angelo Bissessarsingh’s book Virtual Glimpses and praised Anthony, saying: “He has always been a writer with a mission to save us from ourselves and preserve the good and positive things that define us as a people.”

In turn Anthony presented Carmona with a copy of Green Days by the River. Among those from the production who attended the meeting were were director Michael Mooleedhar, lead actors Sudai Tafari and Nadia Kandhai, and the supporting cast: Anand Lawkaran, Che Rodriguez, Dara Healy, Stephanie Kalloo, Omar Jarra, Nals Bachan and Kernell Alexander.


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