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Monday 23 October 2017
Crime and Court

Twenty-five arrested for illegal dumping

Within the last three weeks, a total of 25 people, among them three women, have been arrested and charged with illegally dumping garbage, which included a garbage bag of flour, plastics, styrotex and coconut shells at the Gandhi Village site, M2 Ring Road, La Romaine.

The fine for illegal dumping is $4,000. So far, seven people have been listed as having already paid their fines, six are still to appear in court and 12 others are still to pay.

The fixed-penalty notices were issued for September 11–October 1 by litter prevention wardens of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation (PDRC). Yesterday, the PDRC posted the names of the offenders on its Facebook page.

Of those named, one man journeyed all the way from Rio Claro, while others came from Chaguanas, Santa Flora and La Brea to dump their rubbish at the site.

Among other items dumped were coconut branches, concrete, cardboard boxes, old building materials and tyres.

The PDRC was praised for its efforts.


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