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Saturday 20 January 2018

TT announce teams for Indoor Pan American Hockey

Members of the Trinidad and Tobago women’s hockey team. PHOTO COURTESY TT HOCKEY BOARD.

The Trinidad and Tobago men’s and women’s hockey teams, for the Indoor Pan American Cup in Georgetown, Guyana were announced yesterday.

The Indoor Pan American Cup will be contested from October 16-21.

Six men’s teams (TT, Argentina, Canada, Barbados, Mexico and hosts Guyana) and seven women’s teams (TT, Argentina, Canada, Barbados, Uruguay, United States and hosts Guyana) will play each other in round-robin competitions, with the respective winners progressing to the Hockey Indoor World Cup in Berlin, Germany next February. According to a media release issued by the TT Hockey Board, “both teams are in training at the Woodbrook Youth Facility on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.”

Both TT teams will leave for Guyana on October 14.

Teams -

MEN: Solomon Eccles (captain), Ron Alexander (goalkeeper), Reiza Hosein (goalkeeper), Dwain Quan Chan, Aidan De Gannes, Jordan Reynos, Mark Ayen, Jordan Vieira, Kristein Emmanuel, Akim Toussaint, Marcus James, Mickell Pierre.

WOMEN: Alanna Lewis (captain), Kayla-Marie Escayg (goalkeeper), Petal Derry (goalkeeper), Shaniah De Freitas, Arielle Williams, Amanda George, Savannah De Freitas, Blair Wynne, Brittney Hingh, Kristin Thompson, Zene Henry, Krizia Layne.

TECHNICAL STAFF: Raphael Govia (coach - men), Jerazeno Bell (coach - women), Darren Cowie (assistant coach - men), Denise Kirth Davis (manager - men), Valisha Sylvester (manager - women), Karielle De Bique (physiotherapist), Derek Ashby (massage therapist/trainer), Kerrn Lee (videographer), Zynul Khan (team doctor).


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