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Wednesday 13 December 2017
Life & Style

Going green for outdoor decor

Raja tent designed for Indian weddings on display.

Local gardening and landscaping company La Souce Environmental Designs in collaboration with Let’s Decorate hosted their first Green Décor workshop at in Maracas Gardens, St Joseph recently. Led by a husband and wife team of Carlson and Indira Teloka, this particular workshop was borne out of the need to provide the technical outdoor decorating skills to their clients, many of whom are decorators, event planners and DIY people.

Handcrafted centre pieces created by participants of the Green Decor workshop.

Workshop facilitator and Let’s Decorate owner Frances Pollonais gave guidelines on colours, textures, lighting and hardware. Her focus was an organic theme and she explained the colours include natural tones such as metallic, silver, gold, bronze and copper.

Ceiling decor from Frances Pollonais.

Outdoor décor textures, she said, include twigs, sapodilla branches, stones, burlap, artificial butterflies, orchids, daisies and bromeliads. “It is important to first test items to be certain that they can withstand the elements and last longer than three days. They can then be dried and sprayed gold to obtain an elegant finish,” Pollonais said. For outdoor decor, temporary hardware such as tents, porches and sheds –especially in the rainy season– can be used, she said.

Centre pieces crafted by participants of the Green Decor workshop.

“It is important to be tactful when communicating with clients who may have their mind set on a specific look and feel for their event, despite the practical concerns indicated,” she advised participants.

Centre pieces created by participants of the Green Decor workshop.

For larger events, she says it is important to draw sketches and illustrations to assist the process, she suggested. “When you do this, you would be amazed by how your creation can come to life exactly how you drew it on paper!” When considering outdoor lighting, she suggests LED and that [the oil used in] tiki torches can be used as an alternative insect repellent to citronella. La Souce and Pure Events will host a Decorating for Christmas workshop on October 28, with facilitator Fabrice Francois.


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