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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Dunross, Carenage Gov’t in ‘Clash of the Titans’

In what could be called a “clash of the titans”, 2016 West and Port of Spain Champions Dunross Preparatory meet unbeaten Carenage Government in the West Zone Under 12 Boys today, from 10.30 am, at the training field of the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo.

This game is a virtual final with the winners likely be the West champions.

Both teams have so far played unbeaten and, added to this, could well meet again in the West Zone final of the league.

Another big match this week will see league leaders Richmond Street Boys taking on newcomers St Monica’s Private School tomorrow at the Hasely Crawford Stadium training ground from 1.30 pm.

Here are the Fixtures...

Today - Dunross Prep ‘B’ vs Pt Cumana RC, HC Stadium, 9.30 am; Diamond Vale Govt vs Diego Martin Boys RC, HC Stadium, 9.30 am; Dunross Prep ‘A’ vs Carenage Govt, HC Stadium, 10.30 am; Paramin RC vs Pt Cumana Govt, HC Stadium, 10:30 am. Round 2: St Andrew Private vs St Barb's Govt, HC Stadium, 1 pm.

Tomorrow - Round 3: St Agnes AC vs Newtown Boys RC, HC Stadium, 12.45 pm; Sacred Heart Boys RC vs Mucurapo Boys RC, HC Stadium, 12.45 pm; Rosary Boys RC vs St Crispin's, HC Stadium, 1.30 pm; St Monica’s Private vs Richmond Street AC, HC Stadium, 1.30 pm.


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