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Thursday 22 February 2018
Crime and Court

Police, criminals in John John shoot-out

WILD WILD EAST POS: Newsday reporter Julien Neaves points to bullet holes on the front of a parlour at Plasiance Quarry Road, John John, Laventille. The bullets were from an exchange of gun fire between police and gunmen on Friday night.

Officers of the Inter-Agency Task Force and Port of Spain Task Force were fired upon and pinned down by gunmen on Friday night while on patrol in the John John, Laventille area.

According to reports the officers were on patrol at around 7 pm in the vicinity of Block 8 John John when the gunmen opened fire. The police returned fire and there was also a shoot-out at the John John Basketball Court at Plaisance Quarry Road.

Residents at the court showed Newsday bullet holes in the wall of a parlour on the court compound. There were no reported injuries or fatalities during the incident.

One resident said that, last Thursday, a man was shot in the foot at Block 8.

He claimed the police were not stopping the gunmen because of fear and he urged them to “start to do the right thing.” He said, during Friday’s shoot-out, vehicles and a neighbourhood parlour were shot up. Following the shooting about 20 officers arrived and talked to residents.

The resident said that while the police were there it was “like they not there” because the gang and turf warfare continued. He said they need the police and urged them to come into the community and listen to the people to get a solution. He also called for corrupt officers to be dealt with seriously.

“Gangs have leaders and they feel above the law.”

He said that due to crime a number of people had moved out of Block 8.

Investigations are continuing.


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Crime and Court