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Saturday 24 March 2018
Letters to the Editor

One-love message in help for Dominica

One-love message

THE EDITOR: Some say the Prime Minister’s opening of our country’s doors is a political play for selfish gain, and it is wrong. I say there is a greater call for our nation to do what is right for humanitarian reasons, regardless of the political gamesmanship.

TT is blessed with the ability to help and we are better human beings for sharing our blessings with our Dominican neighbours who are desperately in need. Some may also question the justification of political gain in saving innocent lives. I say, if you want the truth that really matters ask the innocent whose lives are saved if (their) life needs justification.

The outpouring of help from the TT Government, citizenry and business sector is exemplary and nullifies the xenophobic few; and can be summed up in Bob Marley’s “one love” message, “I am Trini and Tobagonian, therefore I am Dominican.”

B STONE via e-mail


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