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Tuesday 20 February 2018
Letters to the Editor

Hassle to do my VAT duty

Hassle to do

THE EDITOR: Open letter to the Minister of Finance:

I went to the District Revenue Office in Tunapuna on September 26 (after a long weekend) to make my VAT payment, only to discover that it was closed at 11 am.

In addition to not receiving my last two VAT return forms and having to go into Port of Spain to receive them, I now have to go through this hassle to do my civic and lawful duty (while bearing in mind that late payments are subject to interest).

This office has been closing at 11 am since July due to a non-functioning air condition unit.

When the air condition is working the office closes for lunch in this day and age. This can only happen at government offices.

It is evident that some people are not doing their jobs and should be held accountable. It is time that the system be fixed to sort out those who are doing their jobs from those are not.

RONALD LEE via e-mail


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