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Friday 15 December 2017
Crime and Court

Cop to face charges in media attack

A Police Corporal assigned to the Southern Division with over 20 years service and a senior official of AV Drilling Services are expected to be charged jointly with the assault of media worker Kristian De Silva.

Officers of the Professional Standards Bureau led by ASP Hunt completed their investigation into the alleged assault of De Silva which took place on September 15.

The file was reviewed by Sgt Bryon Daniel of the police service’s legal unit and recommendations were made for the police corporal and the official to be charged jointly with the assault of De Silva.

The legal team also recommended that the officer also be charged with perverting the course of justice and malicious damage as well as making a false report to officers of the Penal police station.

The officer alleged that on September 15 while he was escorting photographer De Silva out of the compound of AV Drilling Services, the photographer slipped and fell.

This was stoutly denied by De Silva who gave a statement in which he claimed he was physically assaulted by the officer who he identified.

Investigators secured statements from a security guard from AV Drilling Services as well as others including the officer’s colleagues who took the officers report and wrote in the station diary.

This station diary was seized by officers of the PSP as part of the investigation.

ASP Hunt along with Sgt Daniel is expected to approach the DPP Roger Gaspard SC today for directions in the matter.


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