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Saturday 24 March 2018

PNM conflict spills out at Sando corporation

La Verne Smith

Yvonne Webb

A cuss out between two People’s National Movement councillors, which originated from a private group chat, caused a stir in the San Fernando City Corporation Chamber during its public statutory meeting, yesterday.Four times when she rose to speak, Marabella West councillor La Verne Smith begged for the protection of Mayor Junia Regrello, as she mouthed to curious colleagues across from her, “he (the councillor) cuss me.” She did not name the councillor while she stood on her legs but later confirmed the reference was made to Pleasantville Councillor Robert Parris.

Before the session ended, Smith also rose to make a contribution that called on former alderman Kennedy Flemming, who was seated in the public gallery, to teach some of her younger colleagues how to be respectful.

“It is sad, when a male in society is given a position, when someone you look up too can stoop very low and become disrespectful to a colleague,” Smith said. Broached on the subject following the statutory meeting, Regrello explained that the matter should not have been brought to the public’s attention in that forum as prior to the meeting, he got wind of the incident and issued memos to both parties to meet him in his office at the end of the meeting.


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