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Monday 23 October 2017
Letters to the Editor

Kudos to police, wardens


I’m publicly giving kudos to the traffic wardens, police and other law enforcement officers who contribute tirelessly to helping motorists get to work on time, easing frustration levels and creating order on the roads across TT.

Last week, during a 20-minute midday trek to purchase lunch, my concern ran on all of the professionals who endure work outside during hot spells and heavy rain.

In that same instance, I witnessed the unfortunate incident of a disgruntled motorist abusing a traffic warden and my heart sank because I know these individuals work hard to maintain order and safety on the streets.

I am looking forward to the amendments for the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act so that these officers can be given the credit and the weight for their manual labour and tireless efforts.

SALLY BAKSH (via e-mail)


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