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Monday 11 December 2017
Letters to the Editor

Put Dominicans in Couva hospital

THE EDITOR: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s announcement that the Government will offer Dominican citizens affected by Hurricane Maria at least six months refuge in TT confirms the caring, compassion and empathy we all know he possesses.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia is offering to make spaces available to Dominican students displaced by Maria. The offer no doubt would require entire families to be relocated, hence Rowley’s call for us to open our doors, our homes and our pots to them.

I am sure our esteemed leader may also consider housing these displaced citizens of Dominica in the many underutilised structures in Trinidad, like the Brian Lara Cricket Academy.

And who would argue that the perfect place to accommodate our unfortunate neighbours, because of the available amenities like beds, catering and medical services, is the Couva Children’s Hospital?


La Brea


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