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Sunday 22 October 2017

New school for Rio Claro special needs

Pupils of the Rio Claro Learning and Development Centre for Special Children sing a song at the unveiling.

Founder and principal of the Rio Claro Learning and Development Centre for Special Children, Kellyann Pascall, together with her staff and students, began the new school term with a newly built centre courtesy the Digicel Foundation

The foundation invested $1.2 million to rebuild the school which houses 30 children with varying special needs. The upgrades included a staff room, therapy room, a kitchenette; bathroom facility for the teaching staff, an office and reception area and an open space for the classroom which is now three times the size it was prior.

The centre is the latest beneficiary of the foundation Centres of Excellence transformative programme, which upgrades special needs schools across the country, ensuring that the students are in an environment which meets international standards. This is achieved through minor to major upgrades or a total remodelling to the school’s infrastructure; making it safer and more accommodating. In praising Pascall, Clarence Rambharat, Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries spoke of her dedication and resilience throughout the years.

He highlighted the importance of all schools, more so, special needs schools to be safe and well equipped to handle day-to-day operations and emergency situations. He also thanked the foundation for continuously advocating for inclusion of persons with special needs and working on sustainable development with communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago.


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