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Saturday 16 December 2017

Elswick Presbyterian students out of school

For the second day, yesterday, parents of students attending the Elswick Presbyterian School, Tableland, kept their children away due to a perennial sewer problem affecting the school since 2013.

In the interim, the parents have given Education Minister Anthony Garcia up until next Monday to find a permanent solution to the problem or expect a wave of protest from Tuesday. The decision to withdraw their children was taken by the school’s Parent Teachers Association (PTA) at a meeting on Tuesday evening on the grounds of health and safety concerns.The PTA’s PRO, Nichelle Sookdeo, said children had been falling ill. A letter to the effect was drafted by Sookdeo and sent to acting Principal Judy Nathai and Garcia. Up until yesterday there was no response.

Meanwhile, the parent body of the Cap-de-Ville Government Primary school which is experiencing similar sewer problems, is also contemplating their next move after dialogue and written complaints have failed to effect any kind of relief.


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