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Saturday 24 March 2018

CWU welcomes Elias’ departure

CWU welcomes Elias' departure

Emile Elias

The Communication Workers' Union (CWU), the majority union at TSTT, yesterday welcomed the resignation of the company's Chairman Emile Elias.

CWU Secretary General, Clyde Elder, said Elias' departure provides the Government with the opportunity to replace him with "someone who actually has telecommunications knowledge, skills and experience to lead TSTT into the future."

Elias handed in his resignation on Wednesday with immediate effect, citing the need to devote more time to his construction company, NH International.

In his resignation letter, which ran a reported five pages, Elias reportedly mentioned the "enormous and critical challenges with excessive employee costs" facing the company, but Elder said Elias presided over some of the increase in employee costs. Elder said he hoped the retiring chairman was not trying to suggest that the high staff cost was due to wages of the regular employees because Elias had brought in foreigners to hold positions which locals could have filled "and what is worse, he is paying them in foreign currency."

Elias’ resignation reportedly included a lengthy listing of his accomplishments at the company, but Elder was quick to downplay the outgoing Chairman’s accomplishments.

“He did nothing. He came with no plan. He came with no ideas,” added Elder. “He implemented nothing and we are glad to see him go.”

Elias could not be reached as calls to his cellphone went directly to voicemail, and despite messages left, received no response.


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