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Tuesday 17 October 2017
Carnival & Culture

Legacy Jamming Still


The 2017 Road March, Full Extreme by Ultimate Rejects provided the theme for Legacy’s 2018 Carnival presentation.

Simply called We Jamming Still, the media and specially invited guests got a view of the costumes including Monday Wear at Vas Lounge, St Clair, last Saturday.


The launch was a collaboration between Legacy and Young Generation. We Jamming Still comprises ten sections designed by Big Mike Antoine but only nine were shown. Registration begins tomorrow at Legacy’s headquarters on Roberts Street, Woodbrook.

Legacy has an interesting advertisement telling potential masqueraders to think before they spend, and urges them to come to Legacy and get costumes starting at $1,200 which can be used as a base to build on and have fun and excitement with road artistes from the USA, Barbados, Jamaica and TT.

Keep scrolling to see more of Legacy's costumes or visit their website for more information.

Island Life.



This is simply called Soca.




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